Hello all,

I haven’t been on as I have been in a really bad place in my heart, mind, and soul, and rather than inflict that on anyone else it’s a time when I need to hibernate. During times like the last few months, I put on my ‘go outside’ mask on and pretend to be happy and fine when I know I have to deal with people, but otherwise I sit in my house all day every day.

Recently I had tests which revealed I definitely have osteoarthritis along with bursitis in both my hips and shoulders. Seriously? I’m 48 for goodness sake, not 70 (no offense meant to 70 year olds)

At the same time I’ve been pretending the violent client at the centre I volunteer for didn’t worry me that much, unfortunately I know it has because it has triggered nightmares and flashbacks of the bank robbery and fists on skin.

I have also been writing the report for the centre I volunteer for which was presented at their AGM last week, where they also presented some of the domestic violence project I’ve been participating in. It’s been a big month really.

On top of that my cousin payed for my flights and car-parking so I could go and visit him at his new house in Queensland; I loved it so much I’m moving over there.

Sorry guys, that’s for another post and it will be up shortly.

I’m exhausted and excited and scared all at the same time. Mostly exhausted at the moment but I needed to share my good news.


About auswrite

I am 48 years old, single and on disability support pension for PTSD; in 2009 I left a long term abusive relationship and started to rebuild my life. In those 4 years I have managed to keep paying off a car loan, pay my rent and through Open Universities have achieved my life-long dream of gaining a degree; I now have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Griffith University and am currently working on a Master of Arts degree through Swinburne University. I am passionate about helping people who find themselves to be victims, survivors or relatives of those suffering from domestic abuse; I truly feel we need to end the silence on domestic violence by helping each other, and each of our voices combined together, can make a difference.

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