Hello World,

I wrote this earlier this year when I finished my Bachelor of Arts degree and started thinking about what I should do next.


I have no idea how, but my dream stayed alive,

A tiny little fire burning in a corner of my mind,

Now I finally have the chance to really stoke the flames,

And I don’t intend to waste another single day.

Three years of constant study have earned me a degree,

A solid base to build on for the new me,

The me that is confident, happy and sure,

The me that can let go of the hurts from before.

It hasn’t been easy to walk this new path,

But fulfilling one dream has helped heal my heart,

I’m proud of myself for the first time I can recall,

I’m starting to think I’ve been dreaming too small.

Take care, stay safe



About auswrite

I am 48 years old, single and on disability support pension for PTSD; in 2009 I left a long term abusive relationship and started to rebuild my life. In those 4 years I have managed to keep paying off a car loan, pay my rent and through Open Universities have achieved my life-long dream of gaining a degree; I now have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Griffith University and am currently working on a Master of Arts degree through Swinburne University. I am passionate about helping people who find themselves to be victims, survivors or relatives of those suffering from domestic abuse; I truly feel we need to end the silence on domestic violence by helping each other, and each of our voices combined together, can make a difference.

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  1. InTheBush says:

    Hello S!! I absolutely love this poem. Stay strong, good lady. And when you can’t, remember that you will, again. 🙂

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